Welcome To my Sims3 Blog "SS3J", Help your self To everything here. I enjoy Creating for the Sims3. I make a variety of things; including Sims, Houses, Poses. I make these to share with other Sim Lovers and hope you all like them and pass my link on to others. I take Requests (Houses and Poses) just let me know what you think you want. =] Thanks for Stopping by. -SS3J (StephieB07)


If you have a request you would like to leave for please just leave me a comment here.
You can contact me in numorous ways, just let me know what you would like;
i.e. House, Pose, even a sim comment me here and let me know. =]

Thanks so Much



  1. Just Leave me a Comment HERE with your email. Thanks Friends


  2. Hiya! I saw (one of) your comments on mts where you said that you take build requests? If you do I've been looking for someting I can't find anywhere on the modding community. Namely a jar with moneysavings. Like this: http://www.redbookmag.com/cm/redbook/images/og/save-money-0911-mdn.jpg
    Or this: http://www.quizzle.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/money-jar.jpg

    If you do decide to make it you can found me here ( im not active on my google account):http://adventuresims.tumblr.com/ask
    or mail me by this email adress: mina@oebb.net